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Video Marketing Done For You

We Script, Edit, & Distribute Videos For Real Estate Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Recruiters, Lenders, Or Investors

Products, Services, & Coaching

We will either do it for you or teach you how.

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We'll script, edit, and distribute your videos for you. Pick and choose what kind of videos you need to create.

FREE Trainings

Within 60 days you can have the full services of scripting, editing, and even video distribution for your team or office WITHOUT increasing your overhead $1.

Want To See The Exact Video Strategy We Use ?

This is the exact strategy we use with all of our clients.  If you're unsure if video or we are the right fit , here's my system.

Realtor Attracts 3-5 Clients A Month With Video [Case Study]

Tired Of The Peaks & Valleys Of Real Estate Or Chasing After Squishy "Leads"

This is the exact video strategy we used that allowed Eric to STOP relying on lead sources and instead today attracts over 93% of his clients from his social media accounts, email list, and YouTube Channel.

Click the button below to access the case study now.

Need Help With Your Videos?

We'll either do it for you or show you how to do it. Schedule a demo with the dude today!

Stop Spending Time Editing, Scripting, & Promoting Your Videos And Let Us Do It For You!

Video Strategy

Step 1: Create A Video Strategy You Are Excited About

Video Training

Step 2: Train You In Scripting, & Shooting Using Just A Cell Phone

Video Marketing

Step 3: We'll Edit, Script & Distribute Your Videos Each Month

+ Each Video We Produce Includes The Following:

Advanced Video Editing

Our editors speak, breathe, & bleed real estate.


Never run out of what to say or do for your next video.

Multi-Purpose Video To Your Website

We'll write a blog post on your site and place the video on top.

YouTube Optimization

We'll upload to YouTube and create your thumbnails, titles, tags, and description.

Video Email To Database

We'll video email it to your database using our software.

Run Your Facebook Ads (Optional)

We'll promote each video we produce to your custom audience of your database, website visitors, & people who have engaged with your page.

What Kind Of Videos Can We Create?  Whatever The Hell You Want! 

Testimonials From Happy Clients... 

testimonial marketing dude
real estate marketing dude testimonial
Real estate marketing dude testimonial
Marketing dude testimonial
Testimonial for real estate marketing dude

The Exact Video Marketing Strategy We Used To Give Bob "The Banker" & Eric "The Agent" A 931% ROI

If you're at the beginning stages of your video journey or even stuck with what to do, so were they.

Real Estate Marketing Dude
real estate marketing dude podcast

Listen To The Podcast

Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast has been in production since 2017 with over 1,000,000 downloads.  Tune in to see why it's one of real estate's most popular shows!

Does Video Marketing Really Work?

That's why we created our learning center that covers everything video marketing and personal branding. If you're in the beginning stages of becoming a content creator, absorb all the content in the learning center.

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Real Estate Marketing Dude Podcast

Need Help With Your Video Content Strategy?

You don't need more leads, you need more dudes. Schedule a demo with the dude today!