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Attract New Clients, Referrals, & Repeat Business

FREE Training Resource For Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Or Brokerages Looking To Attract More Business WITHOUT Cold Calling, Going Door To Door, Or Doing Anything Pre 2000.

Who Is The Dude & Why Should You Listen To Him?

I hate "selling", but that didn't mean I couldn't suceed in real estate.  It just mean I had to find another way.

The main reason 87% of newly licensed agents fail isn't because they aren't cut out for the business, it's because they are told to do things that either that don't work anymore or burn you out.    

Ever since 2002 I've attracted business WITHOUT ever buying a lead or relying on old school marketing strategies that make you want to puke.  I did it by constantly branding my business and reminding people I already know or personally meet that I was in real estate.  This means no cold calling or no going door to door, but instead just constantly "reminding" people I was in real estate.

I've taken this exact strategy and applied it to agents on my team, brokerages, lenders, and even tested it in different businesses.  And everytime, we got the same results. 

Everything you see on this site is going to give you ideas of how to use content creation as a way to build a strong local brand everone knows, because let's face it real estate is one GIANT popularity content.

I don't believe in theory I believe in shit that actually works.  Everything you will listen to on my podcast, read on my blog, or watch one on of my FREE trainings, will teach you one thing: how to ATTRACT vs chase business.

So If you're tired of  "selling" and like the idea of building a personal brand people come to know in your community so you begin attracting clients vs chasing them, then you're in the right spot.

A Breakdown On The


10-14% of the people you know this year are moving


100 % of the people you know can refer you to at least one client this year.


80+% of people hire the first person they meet with

Create More Content. More Clients.

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Want to set yourself apart from other agents in your area? now only will this team help you crete your own distinct brand, they show you how to become a star!"


Valerie Van De Zilver
OC Realtor

"I like that I don't have to think about what to do next.  They literally have a script for everything!  I just tell me what they do and it works"


Suneet Agarwal
#2 Team In CA

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