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Creating content that buyers and sellers are searching for online is one of the more effective ways to implement a successful real estate video marketing campaign.  Content videos are videos you create that educate the general public on real estate’s most troubling questions.

The idea is to pretend you are the Google of real estate and figure out what people are searching for online and then create video content around that.

Video allows you to become an instant authority and consumers like experts. Who do you think buyers and sellers want to work with when making one of the largest financial decisions in their lifetime?  A rookie agent or the expert?

Keep your content videos generally under 2 minutes and always use a call to action at the end directing the user to your website or some kind of squeeze page.

Neighborhood Videos

Creating neighborhood videos are a great real estate video marketing strategy.  They make you the area expert and are very easy to get out to your community.

I like to create videos in neighborhoods that I work and then farm that area through Facebook ads no different that how many Realtors would farm a neighborhood with direct mail. I also use the video to build out my neighborhood page on my website to show off my local expertise.

Holiday Videos

Yes, you read that correctly, Holiday videos.  If you want to build a brand that is based on referrals and repeat business, you need to humanize your brand. Creating holiday videos allow you to do that with your database and nurture your relationship.

These kinds of videos help you keep your name in front of your database in a way that is very non-chalant.  You don’t have to talk about real estate, but you can brand the video so that it reminds the viewer you are an agent. It’s a very cute way to build your brand in a friendly way.


The bottom line on running a legit real estate video marketing campaign.

It’s not going to turn results overnight, but if you stick with it long term, it will do more for your business than any cold lead prospecting campaign.

Many Realtors have a hard time starting a real estate video marketing campaign, but that’s because you need to first identify your brand before you can do so.  Your brand is the “persona” you speak from when you create videos.

For Example, I’m the Chicago Real Estate Dude so all my videos carry the tone of a “dude”.  It makes it easy for me to create content for my real estate video marketing campaigns because I market my brand and not Mike Cuevas the individual.  Make sense?

The blog you are on right now is another website I run. I’m the Real Estate Marketing Dude.  I am not professional and shoot from the hip. I might have some misspellings here and there, but that’s just who I am. It’s my brand and I speak from it.

You need to find what your brand is and then create videos from it. The most effective videos are the ones that come off most natural.

If nothing I said makes sense then you might want to check out this Podcast:

You Cannot Market Your Business Without Having A Brand

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