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What's An Attraction Based Business Look Like?

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  • Eric Eby
    The dude is the real deal and makes staying in front of your database through multiple channels easy. My referral game is on fire this year
    Eric Eby
  • Sam Khorramian
    "Your brand is everything. brand You is like your marketing assistant dedicated to brand building activities you don;t have to hire"
    Sam Khorramian
  • Kevin Markarian
    "Everything in one place. Wow. Love it"
    Kevin Markarian
  • Suneet Agarwal
    This makes database marketing and branding simple and my agents love it!
    Suneet Agarwal
  • Denise Roldan Newell
    "The dude has chnaged the way I look at marketing my business and has transformed me from lead generation into attraction. I'm never going back"
    Denise Roldan Newell "Mama"
  • Melissa Terzis
    "Just dude it, it works. Take action and follow the instructions"
    Melissa Terzis
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Brand You have an autoresponder?

A: No. Brand You Is not a lead generation tool.  It is an attention generating tool that is directed at your sphere of influence.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: There is no contract and it done month to month

Q: Can I connected my CRM?

A: As of January 2020 you can use Zapier to send over "prospects" to Brand You.

Q: I don't want to learn another system, what's the learning curve like?

A: Good, because this is supposed to be simple.  once your contacts are uploaded into the system you should need more than 15-20 minutes of month of time spent.  You can certainly spend more, but to set up and automate it, is part of your onboarding.

Q: What is the onboarding process like and what am I paying $297 for upfront?

A: This isn't a come join us and never hear form us type of thing. We will help you build this is the building of your database, several training call, customization of your video email template, then help organizing the various contact types of your network.   This is the part of the process that nobody likes doing but requires several man hours helping you get there.

Q:How does the transaction management enhance the consumer experience?

A: Everything is focused around service. The transaction rooms have access to video email, a client facing log in, and ability to create checklists during various phases of the transaction.

Q: Can my TC use it?

A: Absolutely, you can grant your TC a separate log in.

Q: What is the marketplace?

A; The marketplace has various vendors from video services to getting CE credits.  You will not have to vet any more vendors because we already did it for you. Imagine the Amazon of real estate marketing services.

Q: What if I want to cancel?

A: You can cancel at any time as there are no contracts.  You can also extract your entire database before you do. We don;t want your database or contacts and will help you transition out.

Q: How is the support?

A: Good, this is more than a software it's a membership community.  Therefore, we want to be able to serve you with whatever you need. If you have questions just ask or attend the monthly training classes and get your questions answered there.

Q: Are there additional levels of building your brand? 

A: Brand You is part of the Real Estate Marketing Services.  We can also script, edit, distribute your videos, and even run your videos ads on social.  You can inquire further about those services.