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Creating Videos On Your Own Is Hard, But The Dudes Make Video Marketing Easy

3 Reasons Why Video Attracts More Clients

Want To Take A Peak At Our Video Marketing Library?

7 Real Estate Videos That Convert Leads Into Clients

Would you hire you off your website?  Be honest?  Here are 7 real estate videos every Realtor, lender, and real estate investor need on their website that will convert more clients! When people visit your website it’s not to see what you do, but more of how you do it. Realtors, lenders, and Realtors offer […]

How To Market Your Database With Video

I’m going to show you how to market your database with video on this post. You can have the best video in the world, but if the right people don’t see it, then what’s the point?   It’s the consistency of creating videos and then distributing them to your audiences that builds your brand. Who Is […]

The ROI Of Video Marketing

Is there really a way to determine the ROI of video marketing? If you’re somewhat human, one of the biggest concerns to getting started with a real estate video marketing strategy is analyzing the return on investment. Real estate video marketing is NOT lead generation, it is branding and conversion. If you were to invest […]

Hiring A Real Estate Videographer vs. Real Estate Marketing Dude

If you made the decision to commit to real estate video marketing, you are most likely going to need to hire some kind of service, but the question is which one? On this post I wanted to compare the differences between hiring a real estate videographer or a company like Real Estate Marketing Dude for […]

Is Real Estate Lead Generation Is Dead?

What Is Real Estate Lead Generation? Real estate lead generation is the process of generating interest in a product or service for the purpose of creating a future sale or prospect.   There will always be real estate leads, but how they are being acquired is what is changing. Paid real estate lead generation and old school […]

Attracting New Clients From Your Database vs. Prospecting

Attracting new clients from your database beats prospecting any day of the week.  The key to success in this business is very simple.  You either have the ability to generate business or you don’t.   The reason why I believe 87% of newly licensed fail is because they chase the wrong people. Attracting new clients from […]