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  • Eric Eby
    Mike takes all the guess work out of so I can just show up look at my script and just recite it. Super easy!
    Eric Eby
  • Monique Leblanc
    I love it, I never run out of things to say. I can use these over and over again! Thanks dude
    Monique Leblanc

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YouTube Community Informational Playlist Series

Pros & Cons Of Living In...

Cost of Living In...

Living In CITY NAME BLANK vs Blank

The Top 3 Cities To Live In INSERT CITY NAME

The Good, The bad, & The Ugly Of Living In....

Living In ...| The Top 3 Things To Do

Pros & Cons of Moving To...

What's The Cost of Moving To...

Moving To .... Top 3 Best Cities

Moving To .... CITY 1 vs CITY 2

Moving To .... Advice

Moving To.... Rent vs own

Who is moving to...

Trailer Video Script

Real Estate "Expert" Seller & Buyer Video Series

"The Importance Of Market Time"

"Seller Closing Costs"

"Why Every Listing Needs Pictures & Videos"

"Why Won't Your Listing Sell"

"How To Sell & Buy At The Same Time"

"How To Sell Without An Agent"

"7 Questions To Ask A Realtor When Buying"

"How To Get A Good Deal On A House"

"Buyer Closing Costs"

"How To Determine Your Spending Budget"

"Home Buyer Tax Advantages You Didn't Know About"

BONUS: Plus I'll give you a white labeled blog post for each video script to post on your website too!

The "Local Celebrity" Community Template Series

Business Owner Interview Template & Training

Neighborhood Tour Template & Training

Client Case Study Template & Training

Point Of Interest Template & Training

The Video Marketing Pro- Unlock All Scripts

The “Local Celebrity” Community Script Template Package ($297 Value)

Real Estate “Expert” Seller & Buyer Video Series ($597 Value)

YouTube Community Informational Playlist Series Training & Access ($497 Value)

Over 2 years of ready to use content for under $1,000!

Q: What do you mean you'll give me the scripts too?

A: Brand You University is a DIY video training and personal branding course.  In it we train you in how it works, then show you how to do it step by step.   In addition to that we can provide whatever video scripts you want to get started with.  You can unlock a series or ALL of them.

Q: What do you mean by training?

A: We aren't just going to give you a download and tell you good luck, we're going to show you how to shoot them too! You'll also get access to the video training that will show you how to do it with your cell phone. The only thing I'm not giving you is the editing, but we can certainly help you with that too PLUS the distribution if you want to hire a dude.

Q: How do the "scripts" come?

A:Once you check out, you'll get access to Brand You University and you'll be able view the videos and download the scripts so you may customize them to your liking.

Q: What else can I do with these scripts and training?

A: Learn it, teach it, and implement it. The biggest questions we get is, what do I say or do on video?  This is that. If you need additional help or coaching just schedule a demo with the dude and we'll get you there. We train videographers all the time and teach them how to tell your real estate story.

Q: Do you also do editing?

A: Yes, we will script, edit, and distribute your videos plus coach you along the way.  You can schedule a demo with me at any time and I'd be happy to walk you through how it works.

Q: Can I use these for my team?

A: Yes, that's why I made them.  We will do it for you or train you in how to do it.  If you are looking to hire a team that can do it all for you then schedule a demo and maybe our done for you services are a better fit.