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Welcome To The Video Marketing Training Center

Stuck with how video works? Feeling like everything you do is either boring, makes you look stupid, or annoying?

Video is not hard, it's just new, but if you're looking for a FREE Resource, consumer everything on this page.

Video scripting training

Video distribution training

Video content strategy training

The Exact Video Marketing Strategy We Used To Give Bob "The Banker" & Eric "The Agent" A 931%+ ROI

Additional Webinars & Training

Training 1: Which is The RIGHT Video Content Strategy For You?

It's impossible to succeed with video WITHOUT being excited about what you're creating.  it's equally as important to put your videos in front of the right people.

This training will breakdown how to use video to nurture relationships and build new ones, which leads to more and more clients.

Training 2: How To Script & Distribute Your Videos For Maximum Exposure

Shooting videos is only half the battle, you still need to get them seen. In this video we walk through how scripting works, and then how to distribute your videos.

The more people who see your content, the more people you'll come across who need your services.

How To Optimize Your Videos On YouTube To Generate Massic Views

You might have a giant opportunity with YouTube.  However, if you want your videos to get seen you need to create content people search for.

In this webinar we take you through how optimizing and ranking videos on YouTube works

Core Branding & Marketing Concepts To Know

All of the articles and videos in the following posts contain the core principles of building a brand with video.  Each blog post will take in you in-depth into how everything works.  

7 Real Estate Videos That Convert Leads Into Clients

Would you hire you off your website?  Be honest?  Here are 7 real estate videos every Realtor, lender, and real estate investor need on their website that will convert more clients! When people visit your website it’s not to see what you do, but more of how you do it. Realtors, lenders, and Realtors offer […]

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How To Market Your Database With Video

I’m going to show you how to market your database with video on this post. You can have the best video in the world, but if the right people don’t see it, then what’s the point?   It’s the consistency of creating videos and then distributing them to your audiences that builds your brand. Who Is […]

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roi of video marketing

The ROI Of Video Marketing

Is there really a way to determine the ROI of video marketing? If you’re somewhat human, one of the biggest concerns to getting started with a real estate video marketing strategy is analyzing the return on investment. Real estate video marketing is NOT lead generation, it is branding and conversion. If you were to invest […]

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Hiring A Real Estate Videographer vs. Real Estate Marketing Dude

If you made the decision to commit to real estate video marketing, you are most likely going to need to hire some kind of service, but the question is which one? On this post I wanted to compare the differences between hiring a real estate videographer or a company like Real Estate Marketing Dude for […]

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Is Real Estate Lead Generation Is Dead?

What Is Real Estate Lead Generation? Real estate lead generation is the process of generating interest in a product or service for the purpose of creating a future sale or prospect.   There will always be real estate leads, but how they are being acquired is what is changing. Paid real estate lead generation and old school […]

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Attracting New Clients From Your Database vs. Prospecting

Attracting new clients from your database beats prospecting any day of the week.  The key to success in this business is very simple.  You either have the ability to generate business or you don’t.   The reason why I believe 87% of newly licensed fail is because they chase the wrong people. Attracting new clients from […]

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How to market your database

How To Market Your Database Without Talking About Real Estate

If you feel slimy advertising your business, we’re going to show you how to market your database WITHOUT having to talk about real estate.  Nobody likes talking about real estate all the time so don’t do it!  Many real estate agents be default market their database with real estate related content only, but do you […]

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Your Real Estate Logo Vs. Your Personal Brand

Your brand is what you stand for and/or what people think of you. Your real estate logo is part of your brand, but it’s only the visual representation of your brand.  Therefore your real estate logo is NOT your brand,  it’s the visual reminder of what your brand stands for.  Your brand is your overall […]

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real estate video marketing

Why Video Is The Best Real Estate Branding Strategy

You can’t build an attraction based business WITHOUT having a brand. Once you can dial in what your brand stands for, using video is the best real estate branding strategy you can implement. In the rest of this post, I’m going to explain why. “I work for a broker and they are my brand…” NO, The […]

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real estate marketing vs advertising

Real Estate Marketing vs. Advertising… What’s The Difference

Are you feeling stuck with what you should be doing to generate more business? What kind of real estate marketing activities do you really need to be doing? One set of gurus is telling you to prospect until the cows come home and other set it telling you to do the complete opposite and it […]

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Video Marketing Tips

All of the posts in this section are related to video marketing tips only.  if you are looking for a way to build your personal brand and attract more clients with video, start reading some of these posts.

The Importance of Video in Real Estate Marketing

Do you use videos to market your real estate? If not, you’re losing a lot of revenue and potential buyers. Videos are a powerful marketing tool to get into the heart of your property buyers. While you can use images to make sales, your customers need more convincing info to help make a property decision. […]

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Video Email Marketing & 3 Ways To Use It

Are you using video email marketing in your business today? If I told your open rate would at least double would you consider it? Many real estate agents get fed up because of dismal results their email marketing gives them, but it’s not because email marketing doesn’t work, it’s because of the way they are […]

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7 Real Estate Videos That Convert Leads Into Clients

Would you hire you off your website?  Be honest?  Here are 7 real estate videos every Realtor, lender, and real estate investor need on their website that will convert more clients! When people visit your website it’s not to see what you do, but more of how you do it. Realtors, lenders, and Realtors offer […]

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How To Market Your Real Estate Business During Corona Crisis

How To Market Your Real Estate Business During Corona Crisis This post will show you a couple way on how to market your real estate business during Coronavirus Crisis. Right now is when you need to come up with creative ways to stand out and generate income? I’m going to share with you a few […]

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A Video Referral Marketing Strategy Your Database Loves

A referral marketing strategy is an ongoing series of communication to your existing database, past clients, and anyone who would relate to your business.  In other words it’s ongoing communication through sever channels that you your brand on top of mind.  And don’t overthink it because it’s a lot simpler than you think. There is […]

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Post Your Real Estate Video In These 5 Places

Multi-purposing each real estate video you create  is one of the best ways to get the most exposure and use out of each piece of content. Creating the video is only half the battle, you still got to get it seen. Multi-purposing each real estate videos is one of the best ways to get the […]

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3 Steps To An Authentic Real Estate Video Marketing Plan

Part of creating an authentic real estate video marketing strategy, is to FIRST determine what your brand is.  What kind of content do you want to create?  How is your tone and what will your style be? It’s hard to market a business without knowing what it stands for or who it caters to. The […]

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4 Things Needed For Shooting Real Estate Video With Iphone

Fancy equipment doesn’t make cool real estate video,  the right story and the right editing does.  On this blog post I share with you the 4 tools needed for shooting real estate video with iphone. Before you get started shooting real estate video with iphone, you need to know which kind of equipment you need.  […]

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The 3 Video Marketing Obstacles & How To Overcome Them

Video marketing is not scary, it’s just new.  I want to show you how to overcome the 3 mental video marketing obstacles that hold most agents from getting started.  I am confident that after reading this, you’ll have a better idea of how to get started, but more importantly you’ll be excited about doing so. […]

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8 Real Estate Video Ideas Any Agent Can Create

Do you need some real estate video ideas?  On this post, I’m going to give you 8 different real estate video ideas to create your next real estate video on without having to hire a professional videographer.   If you need more help and would like to hire a Real Estate Marketing Dude to help do […]

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3 Steps To Creating Video Scripts For Real Estate That Don’t Suck

Are you looking to adapt video into your business, but you don’t know what what to say? Coming up with video scripts for real estate can be challenging, but this post will give you 3 tips to getting started! Here’s my first piece of advice. Quit looking for a verbatim video script for real estate […]

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3 Steps To Begin Creating Authentic Real Estate Branding Videos

What’s the difference between creating real estate branding videos vs. talking head market updates?  Most likely, engagement and impact.  Your real estate videos don’t necessarily have to be about real estate, they need to remind people you’re in real estate.   So why are talking head more “professional videos” receiving less and less engagement while the […]

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3 Ways To Use Video In Real Estate Marketing

Whether you want to like it or not, video marketing in real estate is here to stay.  I’m going to show you why and how you should embrace video marketing into your real estate business. Communication is essential in marketing.  One of the reasons video marketing in real estate works so effectively is because video […]

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Attraction Marketing Tips

If you hate cold calling, door knocking, or other hard core prospecting tactics that make you feel slimy, then start creating content.  This section is reserved for attraction based content marketing tactics.

A Guide to YouTube for Real Estate Agents With Michael Cuevas

  Real estate agents used offline methods like print advertisements and open houses to reach a larger audience. Through the internet, real estate agents have found new and more efficient ways to reach potential buyers. One of the most popular online tools is YouTube for real estate marketing. Launched more than a decade ago, YouTube […]

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How To Build Your Database & Then Market It With Video

In this post, we’re going to show you how to build your database so you can begin marketing it with real estate video. You can have the best real estate video in the world, but if nobody sees it, what’s the point? Building your brand with real estate video involves one thing,  consistent communication to […]

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Are You A Real Estate Sales Person Or An Entrepreneur?

We have a major fundamental problem within the real estate industry right now.  The general public need another real estate sales person.  Are they correct? Service based occupations like real estate agents face competition once value becomes absent.  Don’t believe me? Travel agents Barbers Taxis Traders Accountants (Turbo tax) How about the increased competition amongst […]

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Real Estate Customer Service Is Marketing & Your Unfair Advantage

I got news for you. You are not in sales, you specialize in real estate customer service. I’m not sure when it happened, but real estate sales people were abolished by the general public years ago. I’m with you, I didn’t even know it was happening until it was too late too, but read on […]

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The 3 Audiences To Target In Facebook For Realtors

Who’s the best audience to target in Facebook for Realtors?  Facebook targeting used to be easy until the Special Ads Category was put in place.  Trying to get your ads approved today is super frustrating, so what is the best targeting now?   This article will walk you through the different audiences that have the best […]

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Why Creating Real Estate Content Attracts Business…

What is real estate content?  Why is everyone talking about real estate content and how does it apply to my business? My goal of this article is to explain how and why creating real estate content works so that you can decide if this is a business practice for you. Let me be blunt. If […]

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Do I Need A Real Estate Website?

Do I Need A Real Estate Website?  It’s a valid question, but the short answer is YES. In this post I’m going to share why. The problem you most likely have if you don’t already have a real estate website is overwhelming… Where should I start? What do I post on it ? How do […]

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Real Estate Industry Trends You Need To Pay Attention To Nobody Is Listening?

Are the real estate industry trends pointing towards trouble for the industry? Yes in big trouble!  There’s no sugar coating it, but don’t worry this isn’t all doom and gloom because any time there is any kind of “shift” in business, there is also enormous opportunity. The future of the real estate industry trends has […]

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Facebook Business Page Vs.Personal Page, Which Should I Use?

If you’re stuck with how to use your Facebook business page vs personal page, I want to make it super simple for you on this post. Over the last 5 years there has been many changes at Facebook, but it’s never been more clear the distinction between the two. Do you need a Facebook business […]

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Referral Marketing Tips

Do you have a system in place for generating consistent referrals form your database?  Check out our referral marketing library so you can start generating more referrals today!

The Real Estate Marketing Strategy That Works Every Time

I often get asked about what the best real estate marketing strategy is, and the answer is not going to be super exciting.  The best real estate marketing strategy is marketing the people you already know. Don’t get me wrong, as there are some real estate marketing strategies that kick ass if you have the […]

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Referral Marketing For Real Estate Agents Only Requires 2 Things

Looking to learn how referral marketing for real estate agents works, it’s much simpler than you think? In this post, we’re going to talk about the 2 things needed to start implement a referral marketing strategy and attract lots of referrals on this post!  If you’re stuck how to market your database, this should help […]

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How To Get Referrals Consistently

I want to dumb down this real estate marketing game for you and in this post am going to show you how to get referrals.  Everything you are about to read is not rocket science, but common sense. My goal is that you will learn how important it is to focus on building an audience of […]

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3 Ways On How To Effectively Communicate With Clients After The Transaction Closes

Please don’t lose touch with your clients after the deal closes. Part of being successful in real estate involves knowing how to effectively communicate with clients post closing. Inman News published an article that states only 17% of homeowners actually use the same agent again.  The reason given is because they forgot what their previous agent’s name is. […]

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Database Marketing & The 3 Excuses Realtors Make To Avoid Doing It

Stay in touch with your database they tell you. I get it, you’re tired about hearing what you need to be doing, especially something called database marketing. I mean why would any agent implement a database marketing campaign instead of doing something like Facebook ads or getting the latest autoresponder with the super duper drip […]

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Real Estate Lead Generation vs. Marketing Your Database

Real estate lead generation is changing.  The entire purpose of this post is why you need to change with it and ignore all the noise, especially when it comes to shiny objects.  There is a reason 87% of agents fail in real estate after 5 years.  It’s because they can’t get business.  The most important part of […]

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The Hands Down Best Real Estate Agent Farming Market To Hit

Real estate agent farming… Should you do it? Well, that depends on what your overall strategy and goals are. Lets first examine what real estate agent farming is so you can get a better idea and see if it’s something you should do or not. Real estate agent farming, is traditionally when you pick a certain […]

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Direct Mail Marketing For Realtors

Believe it or not direct mail marketing for Realtors is still a TOP strategy for generating referrals.  So NO, direct mail marketing for Realtors is NOT dead, it’s alive and well. Over 70% of all agent business is generated from referrals and repeat clients.  Keeping that number in mind, where do you think you should […]

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5 Reasons Real Estate Magnets Create Referrals

The jury is out on real estate magnets… GET THEM…THEY WORK… As old school as it may seem, real estate magnets work! I’m going to tell you why EVERY agent should be sending these to their database, or what we like to call their audience. In a real estate marketing paradigm shift that has many traditional real estate […]

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7 Amazing Client Appreciation Event Ideas For Realtors

Should you hold  a client appreciation event? Well, you don’t need to do anything, but the short answer is HELL YEA. WHY? Because its the ultimate way to connect with the most important asset in your business in a very natural way,  your DATABASE. The most important kind of marketing you can be doing in your business is […]

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How To Get More Referrals From Your Database

Everyone is telling you to go out and get business, but nobody is telling you exactly how to get more referrals from your database until now.  So you hear over and over again in real estate… “Build a database” “Keep track of all your clients” “Make sure you label your A, B, C clients and […]

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How To Use The Interest Rate Increase As A Marketing Tool

When people are looking for a real estate agent, they are looking for an expert, not just someone with a license. One of the things you should discipline yourself with is consistently finding new ways to show off your expertise. The news on interest rates this week is one of those times! You can market […]

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The 6 Step Referral Thank You Checklist Clients Love

Referrals are the lifeblood of most real estate agents and lenders business, but how do you say thank you? There is no better compliment to your business than receiving a referral, but are you taking the time to properly thank the referring party the right way?  If not you very well may be pissing them off. […]

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6 Ways To Use Video Email Marketing For Realtors To Sell More Houses

Are you using video email marketing in your business today? What kind of email marketing are you using? Many agents get fed up because of dismal results their email marketing gives them, but it’s not because email marketing doesn’t work, it’s because of the way they are using it. If you want to see a […]

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2 Ways To Use Real Estate Direct Mail | Lead Generation vs. Referral Marketing

UPDATE: 6-19-2020 Real Estate Direct mail is not dead. Using real estate direct mail works well, if you are putting the right content in front of the right people. We are going to discuss the 2 ways you can use real estate direct mail to generate more clients in this post, but defining your direct […]

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Have You Ever Lost A Deal Because They Forgot You Were In Real Estate? Here’s How To Avoid That

Before I show you how to avoid becoming the agent that is forgotten about by your friends and family, we have to go over a few things first. Let’s dive into describing what your database is. This is one of the most simple concepts to understand that gets WAY overthunk (if that’s a word) by agents all […]

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The 3 “Channels” Every Agent Should Use For Referral Marketing

*Updated* 2-19-16 Many times, agents don’t know how to stay in touch with their clients without talking about real estate.  Good news is you don’t have to.  Actually you shouldn’t really ever talk about real estate with your past clients and database because it could get annoying. If you want to get consistent referrals in […]

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