Stop Trying To Figure It Out How To Do Video By Yourself

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This is not some hyped up hoopla guru training where we talk "theory".  This is straight direct content that may or may not contain some sensitive language. If you get offended by swearing or hearing real S*$!, then this. might not be for you.

2 Courses 4 Modules , 16 Lessons 

Here's what you'll learn

  • How To Dial in the RIGHT video strategy for you.

    There isn't a universal video strategy because it will be based on your personal brand. What works for someone else might not work for you.

  • How To Identify Your Most Profitable Database To Put Your Content In Front Of

    Creating content is only half the battle, you need to still distribute it. We'll show you exactly why you need to shower your "database" with video content.

  • How To Take An Omni Present Marketing Approach

    You're gonna learn how to be everywhere all the time so whenever ANYONE thinks of real estate or lending, they think of YOU!

  • How To Multi-Purpose Your Video Content

    If your video strategy is to let your content die in the news feed, then you are missing the entire point. You're gonna learn how to multi-purpose your content to build a celebrity brand.

  • How To Properly Optimize Your Videos On You Tube

    We're going to share with you our step-by-step You Tube Optimization checklist.

  • How To Multi-Purpose Your Content On Your Website

    People don't visit your site to look for homes for sale, they do it to to check you out. We're going to show you how to optimize your website.

  • How To Market Your Videos On Facebook To Build A Local Celebrity Brand

    Promoting your videos on social media is no longer optional, it's a necessity. We're going to show you how to do it.

Stop Trying To Figure It Out How To Do Video By Yourself

Yes, I Want The To Take The Fast Track( Only $17 Click Here To Get Started)

Fellow Real Estate Agent or Lender,

If you’re ready to STOP relying on leads from sources you don’t own or control, and ready to start an attraction based business, then getting started with video is the fastest way to do it.

So whether you’re sick of prospecting methods that burn you out..

Or paying for expensive lead sources that you don’t control…

Or tired of learning the latest greatest shiny object lead generation activity that requires a PHD in tech..

The way you STOP replying on “leads” and start “attracting clients” is by building a strong personal brand with video.

My name is Mike Cuevas creator of Real Estate Marketing dude and each month we script, edit, and distribute hundreds of videos for agents and lenders across the country for the past couple of years.

You see, how consumers decide to hire you is based off of 2 things:

  1. They personally like you
  2. They trust you.

Because let’s face it, everyone is selling the same thing. You have access to the same listings or rates as anyone else in your market, so what really makes you any different from someone else?

In real estate there are 2 ways to really differentiate yourself.

First is through your personal brand.  People don’t hire you anymore because of the company you are associated with, but because they feel most comfortable with you.

A good example of this is when you lose a couple deals every year to little cousin Billy or Aunt Sue the Realtor who’s been in the business since the dinosaurs ruled the earth.   Both Billy and Aunt Sue aren 't the best agents in the world, but yet still get hired.

Why? Because they have a stronger relationship with the client than you do.

The second reason is when you are offering something different than your competition and/or have a unique selling proposition (more on that inside the training). 

Here’s the thing, 78% of people close with the first professional they come into contact with, which means being top of mind is everything in real estate.

The vast majority of your business is going to and will always come from the people you already know or personally meet.  But the problem everyone has is, “well how do I market myself”?

You do it by getting on video.

Nobody wants to keep posting a bunch of real estate content because your database will tune you out the same way your friends would.  

If all you did was talk about work all the time with your friends, they would stop asking you to hang out, right?  

But that’s exactly why I put together this Video Quick Start Course that will help you define a video strategy that your sphere of influence loves watching and then how to distribute them so they get found.

It’s not that video creates leads, it creates the attention of your database and local community and makes your brand more marketable and referable.  How nice would it be if the majority of your Facebook friends, when they thought of the term real estate, they instantly associated your name with it?

You don’t need to tell them you’re in real estate, you need to remind them!  That’s exactly what you are going to learn in this training.

Here’s the truth. There’s a video strategy for everyone, but which is the right one for you will be based upon many different factors.  The key is in finding out what that is BEFORE you start shooting.

But if you’re like most normal people you’re probably thinking, “ok dude, what’s your catch. What’s your incentive.”?

Listen, if you’re going to get started with video I want to be the dude that helps you do it.  I speak Realtorish and know exactly how to script and create a strategy for you that kicks ass.

And just maybe, just maybe if you need help, you’ll one day give us a shot at scripting, editing, and distributing your videos…

That’s why I’m only asking $17 dollars for this training, that’s it. If I gave it away for FREE, let’s face it, you’d never open it.

And if you don’t have $17 to invest in yourself and into learning on how to build your brand with video, it’s probably not the right fit anyways or you’re not really serious about your business.

So there you have it, my cards are on the table. My only hidden agenda is to help you blow up your brand and start attracting!

So, if you’re ready to move forward, invest $17 into yourself and I’ll show you a whole new world of real estate marketing with video.

The only time it doesn’t work is when people don’t like you, but that’s nothing I can help you with anyways :).

I’ll see you on the inside in just a minute.

Mike Cuevas

Real Estate Marketing Dude

What Some Are Saying...

  • Kevin Markarian
    Highly recommend taking this training and working with the dudes. They make it easy.
    Kevin Markarian
  • Suneet Agarwal
    The dudes do all my content creation. They make me look good because everyone knows I don't have the time.
    Suneet Agarwal

Stop Trying To Figure It Out How To Do Video By Yourself

Yes, I Want The To Take The Fast Track( Only $17 Click Here To Get Started)