What Do They Look Like

  • Suneet Agarwal
    I was even impressed with myself. These rock!
    Suneet Agarwal
  • Denisse
    Just took my game up another level. Watch out for this mama SD!
    Denisse "Mama" Roldan-Newell

Q: So you will build it for us, how does that work?

A: Once you check out online, out team will be in touch with the next steps.  You'll need to start thinking about what main points you want to cover in your presentation.  Once we have that complete, we just need to design it to your liking. Once we're done we will place the embedded virtual presentation on your website.

Q: What do you mean by training?

A: We're going to show you how to also present online through Zoom. You can use these virtual presentations in many ways so knowing how to do it virtually anywhere you like gives you an upper edge.

Q: How do I access the presentation?

A:  We will then build your presentation and once it's complete make sure you now exactly how to access it anytime you want.

Q: What else can I do with these presentations?

A: You can record online presentations and create content for your You Tube channel, social media, and website.  It's not just about listing and buyers presentations, but breaking down the presentation into content and then distributing that!

Q: Do you also do other things?

A: Yes, we will script, edit, and distribute your videos and rebrand people within the real estate industry. You can schedule a demo with me at any time and I'd be happy to walk you through how it works. This included building you a virtual video education center on your site as well.

Q: Why should I do this?

A: Because the agent who is best positioned wins and nobody in your market has done anything like this before. People don't remember what you do, they remember how you do it.  This is just another more impactful way to stand out in the technological age.